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Opened September 7, 2013
Address https://www.xanje.com
Format Web free-to-play with paid options

Xanje is a virtual pet game and discussion forum founded in 2013. It was created by administrator Chaos, and began as a discussion forum with a large focus on post-based roleplaying. Within a year, a small pet game was added to the site. Building upon the forum-based nature of the site, users can grow their pets and earn in-game currency coins by writing posts in the forums.

As time progressed, the pet aspect grew in popularity and was built upon by numerous programmers. In late 2015, development began on a new proprietary version of Xanje, known as “Xanje 2”. Xanje is now marketed primarily as a virtual pet game, although the forums remain a central part of Xanje’s community.

How to Get Started


Beginning of Xanje (2013)

Screenshot of the original Xanje homepage

Just a forum (2013-2014)

Virtual Pet Game (2014-2016)

Xanje 2 (2016-Present)