Stitched Cashmerra

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Stitched Cashmerra
Species Cashmerra
Pattern Stitched
Release Date September 4, 2019

The Stitched Cashmerra was first released on September 4th of 2019. They are avaiable in all colours.


Stitched Cashmerra were first released into the Main Pet Shop for 100 Coins. They can be bred or purchased from other players.


Breeding a pair of Stitched Cashmerra requires one green stone. They have 2-5 babies per litter. They require 9 days to gestate. The gestation period can be lowered to 5 days by using pregnancy potions. They cannot be used to breed any hybrids at this time.

Encyclopedia Entry

The Cashmerra is a small creature, generally between the size of a hamster and a guinea pig. This common Cashmerra is about as big as a small rat. It has many predators, so it must keep alert whenever it ventures out of its burrow. Its burrow has several hidden entrances and exits so that it can make a quick escape much more easily. When it is inside its burrow, other tight spaces, or in very cold surroundings, it rolls its long narrow ears tightly up so they don't get in the way or get injured.

Cashmerras are prized by humans for the soft, thick ruff of fur around their necks, which is super luxuriant and very insulating. In the wild, this protects these small rodents from cold weather and also may help them attract a mate.

The stitched cashmerra is treasured as a pet throughout the Xanje worlds. This small creature has a sweet temperament and soft, plushy fur that has won many people over. Its origins are not known, but some clues hint that it may have originated in the mysterious land of Chepporgavvo, on Missoulou.