Static Bekalo

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Static Bekalo
Species Bekalo
Pattern Static
Release Date June 7, 2019

The Static Bekalo was first released on June 7th of 2019. They come in various colours.


Static Bekalo were first released as a Batttleground Stray. They can be bred or purchased from other players.


Breeding a pair of Static Bekalo requires one green stone. They have 1-2 babies per litter. They require 25 days to gestate. The gestation period can be lowered to 7 days by using pregnancy potions. They cannot be used to breed any hybrids at this time.

Encyclopedia Entry

The Bekalo is a type of bat almost never seen. Most species of Bekalo live in deep caverns and emerge only under the cover of night. Many Bekalo, particularly the smaller varieties, feed mainly on insects. Others are infamous for getting their nourishment by drinking the blood of much larger animals. They have long, sharp fangs capable of piercing thick hide, after utilising a secretion from their salivary glands to numb the area, rendering the sleeping creature unable to perceive the pain of the bite. Once the Bekalo bites its prey, it laps up the blood from the wounds until it has had its fill.

Static Bekalos primarily hunt insects. This Bekalo species also has a small amount of static electricity it can build up, to discharge it on insect targets, shocking its prey to catch it.