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First Released June 30, 2016
Breedable 1 Green Stone
# Patterns 23 (3 Hybrid)

Spriggetts were first added to Xanje in June of 2016. There are currently twenty-three patterns for Spriggetts, three of which are hybrids. Breeding a pair of Spriggetts requires one green stone. Spriggetts have 1 baby in each litter.

In Game Description

This Spriggett is native to the Yanneofwëlë Wodro Wood. These shy creatures are almost never seen by humans, although they live by the thousands in this large forested region of Missoulou. Although shy with outsiders, they are social beings with each other that live in closely knit family groups, led mostly by the females. They are guardian beings of Yanneofwëlë. They possess strong powers connecting them to the energy and life force of this forest's plants including its most ancient trees, and are said to also have the power to go invisible at will. They use their powers to help keep the forest healthy, and the forest in turn makes them stronger. They are also the only creature that the Yanneofwëlë painted horse will allow to ride them.


Baby Ravona Spriggett
Second Stage Ravona Spriggett
Adult Female Ravona Spriggett
Adult Male Ravona Spriggett