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First Released December 4, 2014
Dimorphic No
Breedable 1 Green Stone
# Patterns 22 (1 Hybrid)

Scryval were first added to Xanje in April of 2015. There are currently twenty-two patterns for Scryval and one hybrid pattern. Breeding a pair of Scryval requires one green stone. A Scryval litter has 2-3 babies.

In-Game Description

The Scryval is a mysterious creature with high intelligence and a challenging disposition to tame. In the wild, these scaled animals hunt by night in packs and are said to also possess supernatural abilities. Despite their difficult nature they have been successfully kept as devoted pets and guard animals. Those who raise and train them say that the Scryval will only submit to a master that it sees as worthy of serving, and will first put that person to the test. If a Scryval decides that the human keeping it is not worthy, it will usually run away and return to the wild.


Baby Dragon Scryval
Stage Two Dragon Scryval
Adult Dragon Scryval