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First Released November 25, 2014
Dimorphic No
Breedable 1 Green Stone
# Patterns 22 (3 Hybrids)

Primerra were first added to Xanje in November of 2014. There are currently twenty-two patterns for Primerra. Breeding a pair of Primerra requires one green stone. A Primerra litter has 2-5 babies. There are three hybrid Primerra.

In-Game Description

The Primerra is an intelligent feline with powers that are said to draw from energy deep below the ground, especially in the oldest rocks of the planet. As it grows, these powers expand until a Primerra can even command small earthquakes to occur or fissures to open in the ground.
Normally, this creature lives a quiet life, catching small prey to survive and rarely emerging from its forest home. As a pet, it is generally stoic, but patient and forgiving. It is said that there are remote, rocky locations where Primerra gather in groups to observe the stars and sense the energies at work inside the world. These locations are considered sacred places of learning, and some of them are shared with Circle Snowferra.


Baby Riversong Primerra
Stage Two Riversong Primerra
Adult Riversong Primerra