Paint Bunina

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Paint Bunina
Species Bunina
Pattern Paint
Release Date September 2, 2019

The Paint Bunina was first released on September 2nd of 2019. They are available in all colours.


Paint Buninas were first released into the Main Pet Shop for 500 Coins. They can be bred or purchased from other players.


Breeding a pair of Paint Bunina requires one green stone. They will have 2-3 babies per litter and require 9 days to gestate. Gestation can be shortened to 5 days by using Breeding Potions. They cannot be used to create any Hybrids at this time.

Encyclopedia Entry

The Bunina is an interesting creature. Though they are similar to rabbits in appearance, Buninas have a somewhat different anatomy from them. They grow to be larger than rabbits; some males grow to nearly the size of a dog. In addition to eating grass, seeds and roots, they will also eat insects and small prey. They live either alone or in small family groups in a network of burrows. When a dangerous predator approaches, they flee with surprising speed to either outrun their pursuer or just make it to the nearest burrow in time.

Male Buninas are very territorial, and two adult males will not get along if put together. In the wild, they sometimes fight to the death.  Female Buninas get along better with each other and a few of them sometimes help raise each other's young. Males usually leave their family group soon after maturing, and spend their adult lives patrolling a territory that covers the area of at least one family group.

The paint bunina's very colourful coat helps it both find a mate and identify other individuals of its species from a distance. But this bunina spends most of its time below ground, in extensive warrens that stretch sometimes for miles. Its diet is thought to enhance its colours, but there are some plants and fungi that it eats that are as yet not known to science.