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First Released October 30, 2014
Dimorphic No
Breedable 1 Green Stone
# Patterns 11

Nightmerra were first added to Xanje in October of 2014. There are currently eleven patterns for Nightmerra. Breeding a pair of Nightmerra requires one green stone. A Nightmerra litter has 3-5 babies. There are no hybrid Nightmerra at this time

In-Game Description

This young Nightmerra cat is a close relative of the Nightferra. It is quieter and smaller than its Fireferra relatives and its powers begin to develop at birth. When it moves, it never makes a sound, and it seems fully aware of its surroundings even while asleep. Some say that it can see straight through its eyelids, and while asleep, it can walk freely in other creatures' dreams. It is said that every Nightmerra's soul has at least one previous life that met a violent end.


Baby Nightmerra
Adult Nightmerra
New Adult Midnight Nightmerra