Light-drip Whammy

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Light-drip Whammy
Species Greater Whammy
Pattern Light-drip
Release Date September 28, 2019

Light-drip Whammies are one of the many types of Whammy on Xanje. They are a member of the Greater Whammy family. They were added to Xanje in September of 2019. Light-drip Whammy's coats come in a wide variety of colors with brightly colored markings.

In Game Description

The Lightning whammy is one of the largest species of greater whammy. They have highly developed senses, including an excellent sense of smell. In addition to psychic and supernatural powers, they also kill with their claws, teeth and strength. When fighting, they scream and roar. Whammies are immensely curious and love to have fun. They collect colourful and shiny things seemingly for the pleasure of it, although they often abandon things they find. They play games, throw parties, and play silly jokes on other creatures. Humans are a favourite target. The light-drip whammy is found on one continent of Missoulou, a continent called Rhonelia. This large whammy is a relative of the west Missoulou whammy, but is more nocturnal and quieter than its close cousin. Its main populations are found in the forests west of the Yanneofwele region.


The Light-drip Whammy was first released into Id's Pet Specials Shop for two Red Swirl Stones. They can also be obtained by breeding or purchased from another player.


Breeding a pair of Light-drip Whammies requires one green stone. A Light-drip Whammy has one baby in a litter and require 65 days to gestate. The gestation period can be lowered to 14 days by using pregnancy potions. They cannot be used for any hybrids at this time.