Koi Scryval

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Koi Scryval
Species Scryval
Pattern Koi
Release Date August 11, 2019

The Koi Scryval was first released on August 11th of 2019. They can come in various colours.


Koi Scryval were first released as a slightly uncommon stray only found while in the Battlegrounds. They can be bred or purchased from other players.


Koi Scryval requires 1 green stone. They have 2-3 babies per litter and require 9 days to gestate. The gestation period can be lowered to 5 days by using pregnancy potions. They cannot be used to breed hybrids at this time.

Encyclopedia Entry

The Scryval is a mysterious creature with high intelligence and a challenging disposition to tame. In the wild, these scaled animals hunt by night in packs and are said to also possess supernatural abilities. Despite their difficult nature they have been successfully kept as devoted pets and guard animals. Those who raise and train them say that the Scryval will only submit to a master that it sees as worthy of serving, and will first put that person to the test. If a Scryval decides that the human keeping it is not worthy, it will usually run away and return to the wild.

The koi scryval is named for its style of scales and colour pattern, which some say give its hide a fish-like appearance. This scryval is also well adapted to diving for fish along river banks and lakeshores.