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S2 Jackalope.png
S3 m Jackalope.png
First Released June 2015
Breedable 1 Green Stone
# Patterns 17

Jackalope were first added to Xanje in June of 2015. There are currently seventeen patterns for Jackalope. Breeding a pair of Jackalope requires one green stone. Jackalope have 3 babies in each litter.

In Game Description

This Jackalope is a fast, clever creature that is known for its speed, excellent hearing, and sense of mischief. Jackalopes roam far and wideover all of Xanje's worlds, but are found most commonly on Peterra and Colothys, particular in the interior of the largest continents there where the land is flat and somewhat more dry. It feeds on grass, seeds and other plants it can find, has exceptional sight and hearing, and it is one of the fastest sprinters of all known animals. This enables it to escape almost anything pursuing it. Usually it is gentle, but if forced to fight, it can be vicious, goring its enemies with its horns. Jackalopes also have an uncanny ability to imitate the sound of the human voice.


Common Baby Jackalope (Female)
Second Stage Common Jackalope (Female)
Common Baby Jackalope (Male)
Second Stage Common Jackalope (Male)
Adult Common Jackalope (Male)