Greater Whammy

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Greater Whammy
First Released October 22, 2014
Dimorphic Yes
Breedable Yes
# Patterns 20

Greater Whammies are physically one of the largest group of whammies, behind Giants and Titans. They possess great supernatural and psychic powers. In the wild they live in tribes and are quite difficult to keep as pets due to their size and temperament.

In Game Description

Whammies are a widespread but enigmatic species; a lot of things about them are still a mystery. In the wild they are heard more often than they are seen. These creatures make many different vocalisations, from low grunting, growling or purring sounds to ear-piercing shrieks of excitement. Some claim they have also observed them creating music, singing and dancing, which may or may not be them performing mysterious rituals. 

Adult Whammies, particularly male adults, are almost never kept captive due to the unpleasantness and high dangers they pose. Many pet owners have been hurt or killed by a whammy who turned on them once it grew out of being a cute baby and took on its adult personality, which is usually very different from its juvenile one. Male whammies grow to an average height of 6 to 7 feet tall and 250 to 300 pounds; they have large canine teeth, and a shaggy mane on their upper bodies and back. They emit a strong musky odour, which they use to mark territory, identify each other, and attract mates.

In the wild, whammies live in tribes of around 50 individuals that travel long distances, make camp where good food can be found, eat it up and then move on. Different tribes often meet, but have never been known to war with each other. Whammies of both sexes hunt prey as well as forage for fruits, nuts and roots. Females lead the tribe and make the important survival decisions, while males are the primary protectors and hunt the largest, most dangerous prey to help provide for the tribe. It is said that there is no known species that an adult male whammy and especially a group of males cannot kill. Although whammies do not naturally view humans as prey, they have quite a sense of humour and delight in playing tricks on them.

Though whammies can be very noisy and passionate, their day to day interactions with each other have been discovered to be extremely peaceful and affectionate. Their cooperative ability increases the strength of the whole group.

Whammies live in forests with the most plentiful resources, and this puts them in competition with some of the most powerful other species, such as snowgrunes and Starburst snowferra. When whammies encounter dangerous enemies that will not relent, they defend themselves with physical, psychic and supernatural abilities. An individual whammy sensing a threat to itself or its tribe may--usually as a last resort--use its signature supernatural move, called Hex, which reaches its full strength in adulthood. A whammy placing a hex usually faces its opponent and slam the fist of one hand into the palm of the other. A hex can cause almost anything to happen to its victim, from mild misfortune to death. It may affect an individual or a group--whatever the whammy had in mind when it placed the curse. It can also curse a family line, group, or region indefinitely. There may or may not be a way to break the spell or lessen its effects. 

Other species prefer to avoid dealing with a whammy or especially a tribe of them, and consider it bad luck to think about them due to the double danger of their psychic sense together with their hexing abilities. It is said that there is nothing that a whammy will not hunt. This tension and fear has come out of, and further causes, long-standing animosity of other powerful species towards whammies.