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S3 Flaresus.png
First Released March 2015
Dimorphic No
Breedable 1 Green Stone
# Patterns 37 (1 Hybrid)

Flaresu were first added to Xanje in March of 2015. There are currently thirty-seven patterns for Flaresu, one of which is a hybrid. Breeding a pair of Flaresu requires one green stone . A Flaresu litter has 2-4 baby.

In Game Description

This Flaresu is a relative of the smaller Fireferra. It too has some

fire elemental powers, able to sometimes breathe fire as well as survive in hotter environments than most other animals. These animals, about

the size of a dog, live in pairs that defend a family territory. Pups are born in litters of 3 to 4, and the parents raise their young for one to two years. They are exceedingly agile hunters that hunt small to medium size prey, and, like Fireferra, are known for their intelligence.
Flaresus make good pets as long as they are given a job, an enriched environment, or both to keep their smart minds occupied as well as given enough exercise. As pets they respond better to training than a cat, but are more independent than a dog.


Baby Common Flaresu
Stage Two Common Flaresu
Adult Common Flaresu