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First Released October 29, 2015
Dimorphic no
Breedable 1 Green
# Patterns 19 (1 Mutation and 1 Hybrid)

Cabbits were first added to Xanje in October of 2015. There are currently nineteen patterns for Cabbits, one of which is a mutation and one a hybrid. Breeding a pair of Cabbits requires one green stone. A Cabbit litter has 1 baby. There is one hybrid Cabbit at this time, and there is a mutation. Silver Cabbits are a mutation of original Cabbits which are only available through breeding.

In Game Description

This small creature is called a Cabbit for its cat and rabbit-like appearance, but it is in fact neither of these. Its relations and heritage are not yet known for sure but it is believed to be a close relative of the Takezerans. It is also referred to as the desert whammy cat. This animal can move about on all fours or on two legs, and it has excellent hearing. It makes its home in deserts, scrublands, and prairies/savannas and it is native to the world of Peterra.