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Common bunina.png
First Released October 28, 2014
Dimorphic No
Breedable 1 Green Stone
# Patterns 27

Buninas are creatures similar to rabbits which were first added to Xanje in October of 2014. There are currently twenty-seven patterns for bunina, of which two are hybrids, and one is a mutation. Breeding a pair of buninas requires one green stone. A bunina litter has 2-3 babies.

In-Game Description

The Bunina is an interesting creature. Though they are similar to rabbits in appearance, Buninas have a somewhat different anatomy from them. They grow to be larger than rabbits; some males grow to nearly the size of a dog. In addition to eating grass, seeds and roots, they will also eat insects and small prey. They live either alone or in small family groups in a network of burrows. When a dangerous predator approaches, they flee with surprising speed to either outrun their pursuer or just make it to the nearest burrow in time.
Male Buninas are very territorial, and two adult males will not get along if put together. In the wild, they sometimes fight to the death.  Female Buninas get along better with each other and a few of them sometimes help raise each other's young. Males usually leave their family group soon after maturing, and spend their adult lives patrolling a territory that covers the area of at least one family group.


Baby Spooky Bunina
Stage Two Spooky Bunina
Adult Spooky Bunina