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First Released April 9, 2019
Dimorphic No
Breedable 1 Green Stone
# Patterns 14

The Beeble was first released on April 9th of 2019. There are currently fourteen patterns, none of which are hybrids.

In Game Description

The Beeble looks beetle-like, but it is in fact not an insect at all. This bug family is believed to make up millions of species, of which only a fraction have been documented so far. Beebles are found on all known Xanje worlds. Their origins are unknown, but their DNA and morphology shows that they are true arthropods, and might be related to arachnids. Most species eat plants, but others eat smaller bugs or even live as external parasites on larger animals. The female carries her eggs in a pouch under her belly until they hatch.


Baby Beeble
Stage Two Beeble
Stage Three Beeble